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Risk Assessment

Reading this page you are probably the responsible person for the premises.

Can you honestly say that your premises hold a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment?

If you do not then you should know that as the responsible person you have a LEGAL OBLIGATION under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment at your premises.

What do I need to do to comply?

If you are the responsible person, you must make sure you carry out a fire-risk assessment although you can pass this task to some other competent person. However, you will still be responsible, in law, for meeting the order.

The responsible person, either on their own or with any other responsible person, must as far as is reasonably practical make sure that everyone on the premises, or nearby, can escape safely if there is a fire.

The order says that you must manage any fire-risk in your premises.

The Fire Service no longer issue fire certificates and those previously in force will have no legal status.

Ask your self a simple question, if my premises were to sustain a fire resulting in damage or worse still someone was injured would my insurance cover any losses? You probably know the answer?

There is no option but to operate within the boundaries of the law and to ensure all employees are as far as practicable safe from fire and its affects.

School fires alone cost £33m with there being at least 1 serious school fire per month.